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Consulting services range from early facility planning and community aquatic needs assessment to design, renovation, construction administration, staff training and expert legal consulting and expert witness work. Our services include:



Facility Planning:  Plan and or review programming and facility activities, compare fees, revenue and establish budget                          estimates.  Provide recommendations for developing additional programming and help establish staff and                              budget needs.


Staff Training and Education:  Provide staff training for maintenance and operations including water treatment.                .


Facility Evaluations and Reports:  Complete detailed facility evaluations including: demographic research, staff                                    interviews, programming review, facility inspection and testing safety equipment and procedure                                                 assessments: ;  all culminating in a report with prioritized recommendations, including budget estimates and                          color photos and drawings. The reports can include maintenance and operations, water quality control                                    and treatment, code compliance, programming, budget and staffing needs.  Complete maintenance and                                  operation guidelines and reports.


Design Assistance:  Complete research, plans and specifications useful for project architects, engineers, county health                         department approval, contractor bidding, construction and records.  ACC is fully 2009 CAD compatible.


Geo-Thermal Work:  Provide consulting for geothermal heat transfer and control systems.  Including Stainless steel and                     titanium heat exchangers and controls.


Construction Administration:  Conduct pre-bid contractor walk-throughs, reviews of contractor submittals, conduct pre-                    construction meetings,  inspections of contractor work for compliance with plans and specifications, reviews                          for progress payment requests, complete final inspections and review or draft as-built plans.


Product Testing and Evaluation: Provide “beta” testing for commercial pool equipment and systems.  Complete data                        collection, evaluation and reports on equipment performance.


Risk Assessment:   Provide risk evaluation including OSHA  Standards and Uniform Fire Code (Article 80) hazardous                            material handling compliance in addition to lifeguard training, staffing and general operations.


Legal Consultation and Expert Witness Services:  Provide consultation and expert witness support on swimming                              pool, water park and spa related issues including construction, operations, water chemistry and water treatment,                 injury, diving and diving board accidents, drowning and near drowning cases. (See list  under
                PROJECTS  of sample cases)

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