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Below is a list of published writings on various aquatic facility subjects.

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Articles may be reprinted with written permission only

BOOKS:  (5)


1.  Advanced Water Quality Tech Manual, World Water Park Association, 2016 Richard Young, Co-authored                 with Kent Williams, Dr. Wolfram Hartwig


2.  Aquatic Facility Inspector, 2017  Author Richard Young, Published by Aquatic Commercial Consulting.


3.  National Recreation and Park Association, Aquatic Facility Operator Manual, Contributing editor, 5th                      edition, 2006


4.  National Recreation and Park Association, Aquatic Facility Operator Manual, Managing editor, 6th edition,             2011


5.  National Recreation and Park Association, Aquatic Facility Operator Manual, Contributing editor, 7th                       edition, 2011




1. Aquatics 101 – Maintenance, Aquatics International, May 2003


2. Auxiliary disinfection, oxidation and chloramine destruction for Public/Institutional pools, WMS Aquatics                 Newsletter, October 2016


3. Cloudy Water Curse, Hotel/Motel News Magazine, July 1990


4. Crypto Odds: One in 10 Million, Aquatics International, July/August 1997


5. Crypto… “Will it take over the world?”, PPOA, Pump Room Press, April 2009


6. “Crypto-Proof” your pool? No, it’s only a dream!, Aquatics International, October 2009


7. Diatomaceous Filters, PPOA, Pump Room Press, June 2010


8. Does your pool have a hidden suction hazard?, Aquatics International, May/June 1999


9. Don’t blame TDS for problems, Service Industry News, May 2005

10. Effects of cyanuric acid on chlorine, Service Industry News, November 1989


11. Evaluation of Recycled Crushed Glass Sand Media, State of Washington. 1998


12. Fecal accidents…”Warning, Warning, California Environmental Health Journal


13. Fecal Accidents and Cryptosporidium, NRPA Aquatic News, Spring 1997


14. Fecal Accidents and Cryptosporidiosis, Aquatics International, September 1995


15. Good Sand, bad sand, it’s up to you, PPOA Pump Room Press, PrP 48


16. Handling Recreation Water Illnesses, Service Industry News, August 2014


17. Is Your “Chlorine” Working for You?, Apartment Owners News Magazine, June 1990


18. It Looks Like Chlorine, but…, California Journal of Environmental Health, August 1991


19. Is the time right for chlorine generation?, Aquatics International, October 2000


20. Is Your “Chlorine” Working for You?, Hotel/Motel News Magazine, June 1990


21. Let’s set the record straight on “Crypto”,


22. Let’s use a little common sense, Aquatics International, Jan/Feb 1999


23. Myth: Chlorine does not kill Crypto, Athletic Business, October 1997


24. Myth: Liquid Chlorine stored out of the sun does not degrade, Athletic Business, October 1997


25. Myth: TDS affects the water clarity…, Athletic Business, October 1997


26. On-Site Chlorine Generation, California Athletic Industry, Sep/Oct 1995


27. Pool Filtration, NRPA Newsletter, April 2015


28. Pool Water Treatment Systems and Processes Myths, NRPA Aquatics Newsletter, May 2014


29. Providing Perfect Pool Water, Hotel / Motel News Magazine, August 1990


30.  Recreation and Park Association, Aquatic Newsletter, March 2005


31. Soda-Bottle Sand, PPOA, Pump Room Press, November 1999, PrP 17


32. Sometimes Chlorine Alone Can’t Handle it all!, PPOA, Pump Room Press, May 2012


33. Update on typical fecal accidents and cryptosporidiosis…, California Journal of Environmental Health,                    Winter 1999




1. “Chlorine Problems, Shut Pools, Injure Patrons”, Aquatics Internal, May 2008


2. “Feed Needs” Pool & Spa News, October 2011


3. Filtration article, Service Industry News, July 2015


4. ORP vs. PPM, Pool and Spa News, April 2015


5. Using Mineral Sanitizers, Pool and Spa News, August 2010


6. “Reducing Operating Costs” , Independent Pool and Spa Service Association

          Newsletter, December, 2017




1. A Short Look at Ozone, California Environmental Health Regional Conference


2. Mexico National Swimming Pool Conference


3. Variable Frequency Drive Operation:  Bay Area Pool Operators Assoc.

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